To emerge free and fair election with toward federalism and Informing the general public about the importance of broader democratic civic participation, as well as information campaigns to inform the electorate about specific voting procedures and civic education


  • Coordination Workshop with stakeholders of electoral process
  • Monitoring on Election Management Body, Legal Reform and elective system
  • Enhancing of Domestic Election Observation Group & Strengthen of Networking
  • Institution of Election, Peace and Federal Concept for Youth Camp
  • Media


  • Coordination meeting with stakeholders in regional
  • Information Sharing
  • Observation Mission & Data Collection
  • To monitor on EMB & Legal Reform Progress
  • Networking & Information & Technical Sharing with Core Partnerships Organization
  • Advocacy Workshop, Meeting & Trip
  • To support and assist of capacity training of Peace and Electoral process and federal concept
  • Press Conference, Joint Press Release

Edutainment for Youth