Values Of RainMaker

Simple & Efficient

We undertake to be responsibility, transparency and accountable in our relationships with everyone we work with, and with each other.

We will be democratic, politically non-partisan and non-influence in our work.

We will condemn bribery and corruption vigorously wherever it has been reliably identified

We will commit to get achievement of our goals by collaborating with unity of members.

Citizenship Awareness




Specific Objective Of Rainmaker

Launch your Business in Style

Promoting Of Citizens

Promoting of awareness in citizen rights and non- discriminate of diversity of race, gender and religious and to promoting of active citizen participation in-depth democracy process.

Enhanced capacity

Enhanced capacity of local authorities and power stakeholders towards greater acceptance of importance of the civilian monitoring mechanism which not only is pinpointing the violations on corruption and misusing of public finance

Gender equality

To strengthen empower women political participation and enforce women rights and achieve gender equality.

civic education

To emerge free and fair election with toward federalism and informing the general public about the importance of broader democratic civic participation.