List Of Activities Implemented By Rainmaker

  1. Youth Community development in Rural Area
  2. Mobile Library Supporting
  3. Rehabilitation & Livelihood of Women in Theinzayat
  4. Networking with Partnership Organizations
  5. Awareness Training for Women & Youth

Mandated of constitution of Rain Maker & Organization Development Implemented for Organization Structure & Policy.

Women Empowerment Project in Rural Area Project was implemented funded by US Embassy Small Grant Program & Western Economic Initiative and to be continued that social enterprise for women community in Theinzayat.

  • Vocational Training of Tailoring for Women
  • Women Leadership (Phantee Eain)
  • Voter Education (New Myanmar Foundation)
  • Human Right and Code of Conduct of Police (Human Right Defense and Promoting Organization)
  • Gender Based Violence Prevention (Civil Authorized Negotiate)
  • Promoting Awareness of Labor Right (Labor Right Union)

Election Education & Observation project in Ethnic Areas funded by Norwegian People’s Aid.

(Kayah State, Shan State, Rakhine State, Thanintaryi Division, Chin State, Mon State,Kayin State, Bago Division

Networking & Strategic Planning of Election Monitoring of CSOs & Discussion of COC for Observers funded by National Democratic Institute in Mon State.

During 2015, Rain Maker conducted 50 times lection education and observation training in ethnic areas and10 times’ advocacy workshop (Electoral Law Reform & Enhancing of Women Political Participation) in region also movement for public campaign for vote for women and voter right and local election to public.

WA/VTA Election & Law Reform Project funded by Norwegian People’s Aid

Press Release of Local Election Finding

Enhancing of women participation in reform of Multi –level of UEC funded by NDI

Monitoring on women participation in reform of UEC funded by NPA

Monitoring on female candidate participation of campaign in by elections funded by NDI & Civic & Voter Education IFES by elections

Press conference of by election finding & female candidate leading in election campaigns

Strategic Planning Organization Development of MEON & Advocacy Trip top UEC by funded from NPA

Advocacy Trip to UEC to develop for civic education of First Time Voter of Youth in 2020 and electoral law reform process and electoral system

Prepare for Myanmar Political and Electoral Institute implementation